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Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. when the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act came into force. We started business in May 2008, seeking to promote the Tokyo Tatemono Group's real estate investment services.

To maximize investor satisfaction, we strive to strategically discover investment opportunities by combining macro analysis of real estate (a hawk's-eye view) with the sourcing of actual properties (an ant's-eye view) and offer advice and consulting services related to real estate investment and services linked to the establishment and operation of real estate funds.

Harnessing Tokyo Tatemono's expertise, experience and network, which it has developed as a general real estate business for over a century, we continually seek to create innovation and value to open new frontiers in the asset management business and thereby contribute to the growth and development of the real estate investment market.